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Department of EVS and FC - Activities

Activities & Events conducted in year 2018-19

A Guest Lecture titled ‘Effective Waste Management’was organized  on 6th September, 2018, by Mrs.Seema Redkar from Observer’s Research Foundation. 125 Learners attended the workshop. Health problems of rag pickers and serious issues involved in the concept of waste handling were explained. Waste management techniques of countries like Japan, Israel & Sweden were explained to the learners.

A Guest Lecture titled ‘Human Rights’ was organized, on 10th December 2018, by Mrs.Anisha Aggarwal, an Advocate and Legal Advisor. 85 Learners attended it. Concept of ‘Human Rights’ & UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) was explained. A documentary on the history of formation of Human Rights was shown to the learners. Learners were also sensitized about the rights of prisoners.

A Guest Lecture on ‘Gender Sensitization’ was organized, on  18th January 2019, by Mr.Onil Kulkarni, Founder & President, Swadhishthan Foundation. 155 Learners attended the session. Topics like Gender, Difference between Gender and Sex, Concept of Patriarchic Society and Problems of Dowry System were discussed.

A Guest Lecture titled ‘Sustainable Development’was organized  on 19th March 2019, by Dr.Pamela Jha, an Assistant Professor in Biotechnology from Amity University of Technology.Concept of Sustainable Development,goals,objectives were explained in it.Causes, effects & solutions for Global Warming & Climate Change were also explained.