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Department of Commerce (Management Studies) - Activities

Activities & Events conducted in year 2018-19

Guest Lectures

  • Panoramic view on Law on 24th Oct 2018 by Mr Mohammad Salim Khan Law,Assistant Professor, KLE College of Law , Kalamboli , Navi Mumbai
  • Derivatives on 6th Oct 2018 by Mrs Priyanka Acharya, Business Analystst , Financial Technologies Ltd
  • Career Orientation & Soft skill on 18th Jan 2018 by Shnijini  Chowdhury, Programme Specialist, Techno serve Ltd.
  • Corporate e-Internships on 11th Feb 2019 by  Xavier  Thames, Business Development Manager.
  • Corporate Restructuring on 14th of February, 2019 by CA Sapan Parikh, Practicing CA.
  • Digital Marketing on 15th Feb 2019 by Ms Subhashini Naikar,Assistant Professor, Prahladrai Dalmia College Lions,Malad
  • Career Opportunities in Advertising on 16th Feb 2019 by Mr Raj Karande,CEO& Founder of Three


  • Marine Debris & Litters on 10 th August 2018 by Mr . Afroz Ahmed, Environmentalist & Practising Lawyer,Bombay High Court .
  • Mr. Afroz Ahmed, Environmentalist & Practising Lawyer,Bombay High Court by Mr. Dikshit Kothari, Asst Professor & Financial Analyst JSK Business School.
  • Intellectual Property rights on 20th March 2019 by Namrata Apte, Practising Lawyer,Bombay High Court .


  • Live Mock Stock Trading on 11th July 2018 by Mr. Kamata Upadhyay,SEBI Resource Person
  • Corporate Nexus – Adventure on 21st August 2018 by Mr. Zahir Mirza, Ad Guru and Trainer
  • Brandomania on 23rd Sept 2018 by Mrs Shobha Venkatesh, Corporate Trainer and Brand Strategist
  • Advance Excel Analysis on 28th Sept 2018 by Mr Ankit Shetty,Freelancer ,Software & App Developer
  • Bhagavad Gita in 60 mins on ist Nov 2018 on 1st Nov 2018 by His Grace Shri Atul Krishna Das, ISKCON
  • How to start a Start – Up  on 16th Jan2019 by Mr Praveen Wadalkar, Founder & CEO of Techizer Tech Solutions Ltd.
  • Goods & Service Tax on 2nd March 2019 by CMA.CA Sanjay Sonawane,Member of Board of Studies,Department of Accountancy

Industrial Visit

Industrial visit-cum-excursion to Amritsar - Dalhousie - Manali - Chandigarh from 18th December to 27th December 2018. 114 learners visited the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Snow Point at Dalhousie, Manali Market, Gulaba Point, Hidamba Temple, Ghatakoch Temple, Amritsar Swadeshi Textile Corp. Ltd and Kulu Shawl factory. They learned about the manufacturing, marketing & distribution of various types of shawls & blazers.

Management Week

HR week was organized on 11th & 12th Feb 2019. Mock Interviews, Panel group discussions on Gig economy & HR related management games were played to inspire & motivate the learners to face the corporate world with confidence.
Finance week officially commenced on the 13th of February, 2019 for 2 days. The first event was 'Quiz Freak’, where the questions pertaining to historic events, specific dates, general financial knowledge and names of certain icons from the financial field were asked. The second event was an Intra-Collegiate Debate competition where talented and budding orators spoke in favor and against the motion 'Virtual Wallet.’ The active participation from the amazingly interactive learners of these classes was commendable.
Marketing Week was organized on 15th and 16th February, 2019. The event included quiz based on brand taglines and logos, also had questioning on general knowledge and current affairs of marketing. Guest lecture on Career Opportunities by Mr. Raj Karande, CEO & Founder of Three Apples, was organized. Learners learned about various opportunities & challenges in the field of advertising & Social media. The event made learners aware about various brands and their tag-lines.