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Alumni Committee

The TCSC alumni association was formed in 2002, It enable our ex-student to keep in touch with one another, and it gives our ex-student an opportunity of helping one another and of expressing their loyalty for the college. Aim & Objective of Alumni Association:

  1. To interact with students, staff, faculty and with one another.
  2. To participate in activities contributing to improvement of infrastructure& Academic activities of TCSC.
  3. Alumni Assisting alumni on technical problems.
  4. To decide prizes and scholarships for meritorious students, and financial aid for the poor and deserving students of TCSC.
  5. To communicate the activities of the Institution and alumni.
  6. Any other activities that the general body may decide from time to time.


President : Dr. (Mrs) C.T Chakraborty
Chairperson: Dr. S.K.Singh

Office Bearers – (Teaching)

  1. Mr. Sachin Kambli
  2. Mrs. Nisha Bhatnagar
  3. Dr. Priti Gupta
  4. Dr. Parul Singhal
  5. Dr. S. D Agjekar
  6. Ms. Rama Ray
  7. Mr. Ali- Sports
  8. Dr. Nishikant Jha- Cultural
  9. Mr. Nirav Goda
  10. Mr. Deepak Tiwari
  11. Mrs.Rashmi Shetty
  12. Mr. Sushil Shinde- NSS
  13. Dr. Vitthal Mohite
  14. Dr. C.P.Shukla
  15. Ms. Anuradha Hait
  16. Dr. Aparna Deshmukh
  17. Mr. Ashish Trivedi
  18. Dr. Gitesh Padhaye
  19. Mr. N.D Choudhary- NCC
  20. Mr. Omkar Singh
  21. Mr. Manoj Mishra

Office Bearers and core committee members (Students):

The following members will be taking charge for Alumni association for the Academic year 2014-15 onward.

  1. Mr. Rahul Mishra (BMM-Year 2012) : President
  2. Ms Ankita Mishra (BSc- Biotech):Secretary
  3. Mr. Raja Shah (BCom-2007) : Treasurer
  4. Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi- (BSc-IT-2009): Member
  5. Mr. Mahendra Sharma (BSc-IT/MSc-IT-2010): Member
  6. Ms. VAnita Pandey (BSc- BioTech-2011): Member

Students can contact these members for further queries.