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Alumni Meetings

Alumni – Meeting Minutes : 2018-2019

Agenda Set for Alumni Meeting scheduled on 27th April 2019 :

    1. Alumni Association Report
    2. Alumni Award- (Every Branch and Self Finance Course)
    3. Assisting in Knowledge Transfer, Assisting in various Cultural program like singing fashion show, Choreography etc.
    4. Fund Raising for Supporting poor students

Thanks for some of recognized work done by Alumni

Assisting in Sports. These following Aluminous Joined as a full time coach after completion of their degree :

    1. Abhishek yadav (Coach) : Boxing
    2. Jitu Sharma(Coach) : Kick Boxing
    3. Gaurav Pandey(CoachEx-Sports Secretary) : Basket Ball
    4. Chandan Mishra(Coach) : Yoga   
    5. Yatish Shetty (Coach) : Football
    6. Suri Mandoori : Boxing

Assisting in NSS:

    1. Ms. Vanita Pandey
    2. Ms. Rohit Shukla

Assisting in NCC:

    Many Students are assisting in NCC

Assisting in Website Updates  and Net-Campus Job:

    1. Mr. Nilesh Purohit
    2. Mr. Rahul Pandit