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Research Overview

 Research that makes a difference impact addresses major challenges faced by the nation and the world. Applied research plays a substantial role in enriching the students learning experiences by broadening the experience of faculty and enhancing the curriculum for students. The contribution of the college towards the Socio-economic needs of the community. Thakur College is committed to work together to drive creativity, innovation, knowledge and community engagement through teaching and research.

To pursue the experimental and theoretical research, college has opened a Research and Development centre. The centre is inaugurated by Dr.Vijay Khole, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, University of Mumbai, in the august presence of Dr.J.P.Dighe, Dean, Faculty of Science on Monday, 30th August 2004. In the research centre lecturers from different streams are working in the area of Biological sciences, Physical Sciences and chemical sciences.

In the following areas the research is carrying out :

Physical Science:
    1. Theoretical Physics- Decoherence of Chiral molecules
    2. Experimental Physics- Conducting Polymer and  Nanotechnology
Chemical Science:
    1. Inorganic Chemistry- Rare earth materials
    2. Organic Chemistry- Synthesis of Organic Derivatives and its Microbial properties for industrial use
Biological Science:
    1. Botany- In-Vitro Fertilization
    2. Zoology- Fishery Science
Information Technology:
    1. Robotics and Digital signal Processing
Computer Science:
    1. Cloud Computing

With research promotion, the college will play an important role in promoting soft skills to the students to ensure the knowledge is emancipated to the society through proper channels. The research plan will be governed and implemented on time-bound basis while the projects undertaken will be completely supervised by the research committee headed by the head of the institution.

The topics of research will consider the problems of the people in the community as well as help in the promoting sustainable equitable solutions to the problems. For example, the college would be working in promoting sound banking habits in the nearby slums and helping them connect with the banking system in general. The plan of action will be identifying the problem, working out pragmatic solution, approaching the associated stake holders and judging the level of performance of the program which will provide a blue print for further workings.

The college will ensure that the projects undertaken as part of the research are undertaken with utmost care and dedication. The values and ethics will be followed while undertaking research. The college will take tough stand against duplication and plagiarism of the publications.

Depending upon the time and nature of the research, the college will ensure to promote different nature and types of the research.